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Detoxifying Your Wardrobe After The Holidays

Bella V Boutique Tips on Cleaning Out Your Closer
Hi Bellas,
There is something about taking down all your holiday home decor that makes you want to do a deep spring cleaning and decluttering of your home. I’m not sure if its the anticipation of the new year approaching and the empty vibes once all those red bows and gold ornaments are put away that makes us feel like our home needs a change.
There is no better time than the start of the new year (especially after 2020) to detoxify your wardrobe. We are all guilty of holding onto those old pre pregnancy jeans or that one dress you paid too much for and ended up not wearing. But Bellas its time to open our wardrobe to all the possibilities of who we want to become!
I know cleaning out your closet seems like a dragging chore that is impossible to accomplish, but I promise it’s easier than you think. Here are my top closet detox tips that will make this new year to do task super simple!
Bella V Boutique Tips on Cleaning Out Your Closet

Finding The Right Time

Number one hands down! Schedule your closet detox as you would schedule your nail appointment. This takes time and you don't want to start out of the blue. Depending on your wardrobe size this can take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. I know this sounds like a lot, but think of all the time you will be saving getting dressed in the morning once its done. It will be ideal to tackle this process in one day, if that doesn’t fit your schedule plan for a couple of days to get it done. If a closet detox will take you a couple of days, have the days closer together rather than widely spread out. This avoids feeling overwhelm.

Bella V Boutique Supplies You Need When Cleaning Out Your Closet

Have the Right Supplies At Hand

Don't start this process without having everything you need. The last thing you want to do is start your closet detox and not have all the supplies you need, because you will never WANT to go back and finish it. Make sure you have garbage bags, bins, organizers, extra hangers, and a clothing rack.

 Bella V Boutique Cleaning Out Your Closet for Fall & Winter

Think of a Functional Layout

You don’t need a fancy closet to have a good layout in place. You should be able to divide your closet into different categories. Have a section for tops, dresses, shoes, bags, etc. This layout should reflect your lifestyle. For example if you are working from home, your fancy dresses shouldn’t be front and center. 

 Bella V Boutique Cleaning Out Your Closet After The New Year

Sort By Categories

Instead of taking every single piece out of your closet all at once, start by categories and work your way through. Maybe start with all of your bottoms; skirts, jeans, and pants. This is major if you need a couple of days to finish this process. 

 Bella V Boutique Personal Stylist Tips On Cleaning Out Your Closet

Be Honest

This is going to be the hardest, but most important thing to do when doing a closet detox. Deep down we know exactly what we wear in our closet, yet we sometimes find it hard letting go of items. But guys, if you haven’t worn it in a year, most likely you will never wear it! Now, do keep in mind we are in a pandemic. And like me, most of use haven’t really used most of our wardrobe. Pretend COVID doesn’t exist and ask yourself “Would I wear this tomorrow?” If the answer is no, it’s time to part ways. You can always FaceTime a friend or hire a stylist if you struggle with this.

Use a rolling rack while going through your closet and deciding what to keep. Place all your heck yes items on it and make a pile of your no’s. If your wardrobe is fabulous or you want extra cash considered selling those items you no longer want. For the maybe pile, try them on. Sometimes we forget how awful or good it looks until we try it on. 

 Bella V Boutique Detoxifying Your Closet After The Holidays

Quality Over Quantity 

Don’t fear losing clothes (you don’t wear) because of the quantity you will have left. We only wear 40-50% of our wardrobe! Crazy, right? And believe me, those good quality clothes (and I don’t mean expensive pieces rather than core pieces) are actually the pieces that you can create a ton of outfits with. So maybe your wardrobe will be smaller, but that doesn’t mean you will be wearing the same outfit over and over again. 

Cleaning Out Your Closet After The Holidays  

Know What To Hang

Not every pieces requires a hanger. There are some pieces like sweaters that needs to be folded so it doesn't loose its shape. If you’re limited on hanging space considered folding jeans, workout gear, graphic tees, and loungewear items. 

 Personal Stylist Closet Cleanse Tips

Off Season Storage

Whatever is in your closet/wardrobe should be pieces for the season you’re currently in. For example that cute sundress can probably be stored somewhere else during the colder months. Plus, placing these pieces in storage opens up your closet space and allows less stress when getting dressed. I recommend placing all your off season clothing in a spare closet. It will be easy to move and you can easily get to it if needed. If a spare closet isn’t something you have, considered clear bins. Keep in mind there are so many different bins from tall to shorter ones that can fit into your storage space.

Bella V Boutique Personal Stylist in Capital Region  

Make a Shopping List

As you go through this closet detox, start seeing what your wardrobe is missing. I keep a list in my note section on my phone, that way while I'm out shopping I know what pieces my wardrobe needs.

 Bella V Boutique Virtual Personal Stylist

What Do You Do With Your "No" Pile?

There are two things, 1. You can sell them! Why not get extra cash for your pockets? I have sold my clothes to ThredUP, Plato’s Closet, local consignment stores, and Posh Mark. The other thing you can do with your unwanted clothes is donate them. I am a huge believer in what you don’t want, others can benefit from. Look into women shelters, city missions, and churches. 

Bella V Boutique Virtual Personal Stylist In Albany NY  

Have Fun

I know you’re thinking “ah, Mel are you crazy?” And the answer is YES! You have to make it fun, because deep down the last thing you want to do is another chore, right? This is your time to play dress up and simply shop your closet. Play some music, FaceTime a friend, or even binge watch a show ;)



Bella V 

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