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Staying In Valentine’s Day Looks

Bella V Boutique Staying In Valentine’s Day Looks
Hi Bellas,
Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Usually we don’t do anything big, except maybe have lunch or just order takeout. But regardless of what our plans are, I still enjoy being festive and dressing up. Unfortunately, this year most of us will likely be celebrating Valentine’s Day at home. If there’s one thing 2020 has taught me, it’s that I honestly don’t need somewhere to go in order to dress up! Not only do I feel more productive and confident wearing clothes that make me feel good, but it also helps make me feel like the world is back to normal. 
I encourage you ladies to put on your best Valentine’s Day outfit this year, whether you’re happily single or taken, and whether you opt for a cute loungewear set or a blouse and jeans: Pour yourself a glass of rosé, put on your favorite lipstick, and enjoy your evening! 💋🍷
Bella V Boutique Loungewear Set for Valentine's Day
Bella V Boutique Leopard Top and Jeans Valentine's Day Look
Bella V Boutique Biker Shorts Valentine's Day Look
Comfy Leopard Top& Biker Shorts
Bella V Boutique Heart Print Blouse for Valentine's Day
Bella V Boutique Lace Top Valentine's Day Staying In Look
Which Valentines Day look is your favorite?

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