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What is Pink Friday?


Bella V Boutique Pink Friday Shop Small

Hi Bellas,

I’m sure you know all about black Friday! It’s basically the start of some of our holiday shopping or the day you score on big purchases you’ve been eyeing in big box stores. But what about Pink Friday? Pink Friday is even more special! It happens the Friday right before thanksgiving and instead of you shopping in a big box store… you shop small business boutiques!

Bella V Boutique Pink Friday November 18 & 19

I know firsthand how it feels when someone decided to shop with us rather than at a bigger store. Not that there is anything wrong with shopping at Target (I’m a proud target addict), but there is something bigger about shopping small. From supporting someone's dream to supporting your community. 

We hope to see you the weekend of November 18, 2022

Bella V 


Bella V Boutique Pink Friday 2022

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