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Closet Detox

The Closet Detox:

Do you tend to hold on to items for far longer than you want to? Do you want to get your closet on trend but don’t know where to begin? Our closet detox is the perfect start to building a wardrobe of your dreams.

Bella V Boutique’s stylists will help you decide on what to keep, purge, and donate.  We’ll help you narrow down which pieces you can get good use out of and which ones you’ll need to say bye to.

Since organizing is a key part to maintaining the wardrobe you’ve worked so hard towards, we’ll show you all the tips and tricks to building a coordinated closet making a joy getting ready for any occasion. 


-Wardrobe Assessment: Thorough examination of your current closet contents.

-Decluttering: Identification and removal of items that no longer serve your style or no longer fit.

-Sorting and Organizing: Categorization of clothing items to create a more functional and accessible closet.

-Seasonal Rotation: Guidance on organizing clothing based on seasonal relevance.

-Capsule Wardrobe Planning: Collaborative creation of a versatile capsule wardrobe tailored to your lifestyle.

-Donation or Resale Suggestions: Recommendations on responsibly discarding or selling unwanted clothing.

-Space Optimization: Strategies to maximize space and make the most of your closet layout.

-Personalized Tips: Suggestions for maintaining an organized and curated wardrobe in the long term.

-Refresh Ideas: Recommendations for strategic additions to enhance your wardrobe after the detox.

Up to 4.5 hours 

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