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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

You’ve hired an amazing photographer for those family portraits, business images, your dream engagement photos, or those lifestyle pictures you’ve been planning for so long… but have no idea what to wear? We totally get it! No need to spend endless hours browsing online or stopping at your favorite store in hopes to find that perfect outfit. 


-Concept Consultation: Collaborative discussion to understand the desired theme and mood for the photoshoot.

-Wardrobe Selection: Assistance in choosing outfits that align with the photoshoot concept and convey the intended message.

-Styling Coordination: Guidance on accessories, footwear, and other styling elements to complement the chosen wardrobe.

-Theme Integration: Ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing look that enhances the overall theme of the photoshoot.

-Photography-friendly Outfits: Selection of clothing that photographs well, considering colors, patterns, and textures.

-Fitting and Tailoring: Checking and adjusting outfits for the best fit and visual impact in front of the camera.

-Confidence Boost: Empowering you to feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera, enhancing the overall photoshoot experience.

-Personal Shopping: Let your inner model shine as all the shopping is done for you! Outfits will be brought to you in our styling appointment and all items that you choose not to keep will be returned for you.

**Need more help and want us to tag along to make sure your shoot is picture perfect? We will be more than happy to make you feel like a total babe while in your shoot and take care of all the behind the sense. Cost TBD**


Length: Two Session. Total 5 hours 

This service can be done virtually