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Signature Style Discovery Package

Signature Style Discovery Package

Feeling lost with your current wardrobe? Do you find that the clothing in your closet no longer resonates with the person you've become? In need of a change with your wardrobe, but unsure what direction you should take? Want to include a luxury vibe with your outfits, but still keep it budget friendly?


-Style Consultation Session: Uncover your unique preferences and define the key elements that will become the foundation of your signature style.

- Personal Style Assessment: In-depth analysis to uncover your unique fashion preferences, considering lifestyle and personality.

- Lifestyle Integration: Understanding how your daily activities and aspirations influence your clothing choices.

- Color and Pattern Exploration: Identifying colors and patterns that resonate with your individual style and enhance your overall look.

- Body Shape Analysis: Tailored guidance on clothing choices that flatter your specific body shape and highlight your strengths.

- Key Staples Identification: Pinpointing essential pieces to form the foundation of your versatile and timeless wardrobe.

- Styling Tips and Tricks: Practical advice on how to mix and match, accessorize, and create a cohesive and expressive style.

-Luxe Within Reach Strategy: Explore ways to infuse luxury into your wardrobe without exceeding your budget, ensuring a stylish and affordable transformation.

- Personalized Shopping Guide: Recommendations for future shopping endeavors that stay true to your signature style.

- Confidence Enhancement: Building confidence through embracing and expressing your authentic self through clothing.


Length: Two Session. Total 3 hours 


This service can be done virtually