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Seasonal Wardrobe Refresh

Seasonal Wardrobe Refresh

If you’re looking for something just as simple as building a seasonal wardrobe with the pieces you already own, we can totally help you do that without spending a dime.

We’ll show you how to transition your wardrobe from one season to another. Refreshing your existing wardrobe with new ways of styling them.

Repurposing older pieces is what we’re good at! All it takes a pair of fresh eyes and a creative sense of style. 


-Closet Exploration: Delve into your existing wardrobe to rediscover forgotten or overlooked items.

-Style Reinvention: Utilize what you already own to redefine your personal style without additional purchases.

-Mix and Match: Experiment with combining different pieces to create new and exciting outfits.

-Creative Pairing: Find innovative ways to style existing clothing items to reflect current trends or personal flair.

-Accessory Play: Explore the potential of accessories to elevate and transform your outfits.

-Seasonal Transition: Adapt existing pieces for different seasons with layering and styling adjustments.

-Tailoring Consideration: Assess the potential of tailoring to refresh or update certain clothing items.

-Photography Documentation: Capture successful outfits for future reference and outfit inspiration.

-Identify Gaps: Recognize any missing elements in your wardrobe that could enhance its versatility.


This service can be done virtually

Length: Up to 3 hours 

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