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VIP Package

VIP Package


Length: 3 weeks

Outcome Goal: Provide you with a different way to see your wardrobe with my expertise

Services Include: Closet Detox, Wardrobe Tailoring, Body Love Chat, Personal Shopping & Look book.


Consultation: Client Workbook.  Get to know you and your style goals from your desires and your fears.  We will schedule a call to go over your workbook and then set up an appointment!

Closet Detox: Organizing your closet to make it work for you.  

  • Maximize Your Closet Space- Providing tips and tricks to make your closet space the most functional for your lifestyle
  • Wardrobe Care-Provide you with tips with how to better take care of your items i.e. hangers & storage units
  • Using your wardrobe to give back- I will take care of any donations & provide the best tips to sell unwanted, gently used items and take care of the disbursement. 
  • Personalized Shopping List- Map out what else you need in your wardrobe to make it easily accessible and complete for your every day lifestyle.

Two Hours of Personal Shopping: Shopping to either complete or to expand this seasons wardrobe.  Stores and/or boutiques will be based on your personal style and budget.  You will feel a part of this true VIP experience with no worries about making time to tag along, all the work is done for you!  Clothes will be brought to you in out hour styling appointment and all items that you choose not to keep will be returned for you. 

Body Love Chat- Understanding your Body Type: During our style appointment we will try on various styles and provide you with the knowledge of why these pieces work for your body shape and lifestyle.  Any outfits created during out styling session will also be included in your look book.  During this time you will receive the tools that you need to go out and shop the right items that work for you. 

Two Hours of Wardrobe Editing: We will shop your current wardrobe and create a look book of items you currently own.

Personalized Look Book- This look book will be digitally provided to you with 24/7 access to your new style guide.  Looks will include everything from the outfit to the best shoes to wear with them.