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Spooky Drinks and Treats

Bella V Boutique Spooky Drinks and Treats
Hi Bellas,
Halloween is today and we are ready to get in the spooky spirit! Do you make any special treats for Halloween? When it comes to making treats, I like recipes that are simple and to the point. And may I add, with ingredients that I actually know. There is no way I am going to spend hours in the kitchen creating elaborate drinks and treats. Mama is way too busy for that. Luckily we have a great community of ladies that understand the struggle of balancing mom life, and found some simple and easy recipes for you! These are our must-have spooky drinks and treats to serve for Halloween.
Bella V Boutique Spooky Drinks and Treats
Regardless of what drink you serve, add these creepy ice cubes for the perfect spooky effect.
Bella V Boutique Spooky Drinks and Treats
Not your typical punch! I am a sucker for any gummy candy and my kids take right after me. So a gummy drink is really a no brainer for us.
Bella V Boutique Spooky Drinks and Treats
It can’t any easier than this, guys! Plus, the kids will love to join in on all the fun of making these. 
Bella V Boutique Spooky Drinks and Treats
Us mamas need a yummy treat to enjoy after creating all of these delicious snacks. And I’ll let you in on a secret… there’s nothing wrong with adding this poisoned apple cider cocktail into a cup you can sip on while walking with the kids around the neighborhood! ;)
What are some spooky drinks and treats that you create for Halloween?
Bella V 

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