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What To Pack For A Beach Getaway

Bella V Boutique What To Pack For A Beach Getaway


Hi Bellas,
It’s so sad that summer is almost over! There is nothing better than laid-back summer days. Days where you can come home from work and chill in the pool till late in the evening. Once winter hits vibes are different….all I want to do is go straight to bed when I get home from work. What’s the best way to say bye to my favorite season? Heading out for a beach getaway! And that’s exactly how this mama is spending her Labor Day weekend.
I have learned to be a smart packer. I was once the girl who packed her whole house for a weekend getaway. Seriously! There was no game plan when it came to packing, I just looked into my closet and grab what I thought was cute to take with me. I can’t tell you how many times I packed and forgot PJ’s… or underwear… TMI, I know! On my first trip to Mexico I literally packed so random. I was in this beautiful country with a wardrobe that didn’t really make any sense. I had too many tops, not enough bottoms and the bottoms I packed didn’t really go with my tops. A hot mess! I learned the hard way. Incase you are the old me or just need a different perspective on what to pack to the beach then this blog post is for you! All the tips you need to make packing for a beach getaway a breeze!!
Bella V Boutique What to Pack for a Beach Getaway
Packing Cubes
Before I talk about clothes, I want to talk to you about packing cubes. These cubes are a lifesaver! Why? Because you can fit so many outfits in them, which means you have more room in your luggage for any shopping while you are away! Smart thinking right! I got these packing cubes from Amazon; they come in so many different colors and sizes. The set I own comes with 2 large, 2 medium, and 2 small cubes. In the large one I usually pack any bulky pieces that require more space for example denim shorts, maxi dresses. The mediums ones are my go to. I pack almost everything in this one. And the small cubes I pack underwear and swimsuits. Packing cubes are easy to unpack when you get there. I sometimes just leave my outfits in these cubes until I’m ready to get dressed. They are also great to put all your dirty clothes in before you leave to go home.
Bella V Boutique What to Pack for a Beach Getaway
Pack Outfits Not Pieces
I always say, shop for pieces not outfits. But when it comes to packing it’s the other way around. Lay out your outfits and pack accordingly to the activities you have planned. And pack no more than 2 outfits a day. If you are going to the beach as a getaway, most likely you are going to relax and enjoy doing nothing. Keep that in mind when packing and don’t pack items like you are going to the Grammy’s! 
Bella V Boutique What to Pack for a Beach Getaway
Kimonos or Cover-ups
My husband will be thrilled if I just walked around in my bikini, he has mentioned a few times…lol but he’s crazy!! Not would I feel uncomfortable just walking around in my swimsuits, but also if we want to get out of the sun for bit and get something to eat, you are going to need clothes. I love packing kimonos for this reason. And how many to pack? For a weekend I will pack one and make sure its neutral so it can match all my swimsuits. 
Bella V Boutique What to Pack for a Beach Getaway
Basic Rompers
I am a huge fan of one-piece items like dresses and rompers, especially in the summer! But for a beach getaway, I like to pack basic rompers that can take me for day to night. Basic rompers are easy to transition depending on what activity you’re planning. Style it minimalist with simple, dainty jewelry and flip-flops for a day wear. Then add wedges and statement earrings to go out for dinner. It’s also a great beach cover up that can take you from hotel to beach and then to lunch. 
Bella V Boutique What to Pack for a Beach Getaway
Mix Matched Swimsuits
Don’t forget the most important item to pack when going to the beach! I know this is a no brainer, but sometimes our mom brain isn’t all there. I like to have different swimsuits for all the days I am planning on staying there, otherwise I feel like I’m wearing the same shit everyday. But incase you don’t feel like packing that many or don’t have too many options, pack mix match swimsuits. Color block when it comes to swimsuits are always chic, plus they make you feel like you’re wearing something different each day. 
Bella V Boutique What to Pack for a Beach Getaway
As a shoe lover, I can go overboard, but I have learned to tame the need to pack 20 options for a weekend. After I settle on what outfits to pack, I then look at what shoes I can bring that can go with everything. I usually pack two, flip flops that are cute enough to wear throughout the day.  I also pack a pair of comfy wedges to wear out to dinner. Keep in mind if you are going to be mostly walking, pack shoes that are comfortable. We usually park our car at the hotel and walk to everywhere. 
Bella V Boutique What to Pack for a Beach Getaway
Beach Bag
Somehow when we go to the beach with the family, everyone decides to dump all their crap in my bag! No one wants to walk around the beach with a purse stuffed with unnecessary crap. This is when beach bags come handy! This is one item I tend to forget, leaving me with a purse full of sand. Pack a neutral one (straw bags are my favorite ) that is light enough so there isn’t extra weight. Whenever I’m using my beach bag, I tend to leave my regular purse in the hotel and use the inside pocket to hold all my necessities like, phone, chap stick, credit card, etc. 
Bella V Boutique What to Pack for a Beach Getaway
Beauty Must Haves 
When on vacay girls less is more. I usually go for a cc cream, spf, cream blush, waterproof mascara, brow pencil (because I don’t play when it comes to my brows), and chapstick. That’s it guys!
Bella V Boutique What to Pack for a Beach Getaway
Beach Towels
Last but not least beach towels! Who else goes to the beach and forgets their towel? 90% of my beach towels were bought while on vacation. Unless you’re in a resort most likely will need to bring your own towels. Not only do I make sure everyone has his or her own towels (because kids WILL fight about everything), I also pack a beach towel blanket. If you don’t own on a bedding sheet form home will work just fine. Love having these that way everyone can lay on it, keeping the beach towels sand free.
Are you planning a beach getaway soon? What are you packing?
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Bella V Boutique What to Pack for a Beach Getaway
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